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Allegations Pour Out Against the #Arewametoo Movement for Being an Underground LGBTQ+ Advocacy Platform

The #AREWAMETOO campaign which took off earlier this year with the aid of Twitter as a means to empower victims…

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BOOK REVIEW: Nothing but Love by Zeneefa Zaneer

Reading Zeneefa Zeneer’s recently published book titled “Nothing but love” was quite an experience. I was privileged to receive a…

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Why Teaching Our Girls to Rage Can Lead to Reverse Toxic Femininity

“What would the world look like if girls were taught that they were volcanoes?” was Mona Eltahawy’s opening sentence in…

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What Nobody Told Me About Having Sex for the First Time

Something is definitely wrong with me, I thought to myself all through what seemed like the longest night ever. My…


SEO FOR BEGINNERS 2: Search engine optimization after the Google Revolution

Following Yahoo’s partnership with Google in the year 2000, the Google Toolbar became available on Internet Explorer, making it possible…

Book Reviews

BOOK REVIEW: The Ducktrinors (Part 1) by Papatia Feauxzar

Mondays, in the past few weeks, always find me in a tight spot. I can’t figure out in good time…

Howto SEO

SEO FOR BEGINNERS: Search engine optimization over the last two decades

More than two decades ago, the World Wide Web in its entirety was still a pretty new concept. Today, everyone…


Are you Genetically-wired to Love Cleaning?

I thought I was genetically lazy and jumbled. I almost gave up on myself; dismissing the idea of ever maintaining…

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These Tech Tools Can Help to Boost Your Mental Health

Technology causes depression. I know this sounds cliche. But what if technology could also help boost your mental health? You’ve…

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Reorganizing Your Home Can Help Save the Planet

In a few months, I’ll be celebrating my three-year wedding anniversary. However, within such a short period, I have reorganized…

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Helmets and Hijabs — The Intricacies of Cycling for Muslim Women

As a little girl, I never really thought about the reason my parents allowed my brothers to cycle and not…

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A Woman’s Right to Orgasm

The misogynistic professor “You can tell a Muslim feminist from the way she has sex with her man,” said one…

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Celebrating Tender Masculinity

Raising Modern Day Knights “Oh! He is such a pretty baby boy” a lovely colleague of mine commented upon the…

Mental Health

How to Love Someone With Bipolar Disorder

Almost six years ago, when I was a University senior, my much-loved Uncle went into a manic depressive episode that…

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Screenomics is the New Personality-Evaluation Tool for Parents

Recently, an article in the New York Times reported how according to data and social scientists, “screen time” no longer tells us how…

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Why Chronically-Depressed Creatives Should Embrace Depression

“Every creative must battle demons for their best work to be produced.” This is the creative stereotype that we’ve been…

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